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Hey, what's the big idea?

Cultivation provides smart customer insights and marketing strategy to position your company for growth.

Download a printable fact sheet about Cultivation.

It all starts with a seed — the good idea. The proper care, tending and nourishment can make it grow into something amazing. Creative, highly strategic marketing is often the difference between a company that withers and one that flourishes. 

I started Cultivation to help your company grow. Cultivation is a contract marketing company specializing in medical device, healthcare and health insurance spaces that provides clients with imaginative brand marketing driven by smart customer insights. 

With 30+ years of experience at best-in-class companies in a wide range of industries, a strong design aesthetic, and superb communication skills, I leverage decades of know-how to help your company reach your target audience with the right message, while standing out from the competition. I have a passion for gleaning customer insight and leveraging that for building strong business differentiation. Let's work together to grow something great!  

— Lisa Neary, Founder of Cultivation

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