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Client: Orthopaedic medical practice

For over 50 years, this orthopaedic clinic has been providing top-notch orthopaedic care outside of the Twin Cities (MN) metro. They have a sterling reputation in the area, but are experiencing increased competition and other challenges. They recognized a need to "up their marketing game."

The Challenge

For decades, this clinic has enjoyed a largely uncontested monopoly in their region. Their practice has been thriving due to happy customers and strong word-of-mouth and referrals. 

But things are beginning to change. A large, extremely well-known healthcare leader which had long referred patients to this clinic has decided to build its own practice instead. In addition to losing that referral stream, it also meant increased competition by an extremely strong brand known internationally. 

Years of strong performance and growth had lulled this clinic into complacency. They acknowledged they lacked a good understanding of current marketing trends, including digital. The changing landscape brought by the Affordable Care Act also made them feel they would need to start doing "more with less." Refreshing their brand and online presence was step #1.

The Solution I Provided

Voice-of-Customer insight, Brand Architecture

In June 2013, I was hired by the Clinic's marketing agency to conduct Voice-of-Customer interviews with 9 key employee-stakeholders. The conversations were with a variety of people, including physicians, the CEO, and the office manager who had been there for 30 years. My questions focused on what they believed were the practice's most salient areas of differentiation, their areas of vulnerability, and the strengths they could leverage in marketing efforts. I wanted to understand their "story" and how it could set them apart.

My follow-up strategic document identified clear and compelling themes that they alone could claim and leverage in marketing efforts. With a proud, 50+ year heritage of superb patient care and strong community service, there were brand promises they alone could claim. This all laddered up to a Brand Architecture that I presented to their marketing agency, which was then used to craft marketing and communication campaigns.  

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