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Following are brief descriptions of projects I've done for a variety of companies. Though most of my work tends to be in the Medical Device, Healthcare or Health Insurance realms, I also have clients in aviation, consumer goods, etc.  

Several of my projects have been done in collaboration with advertising or marketing agencies, who bring me in for new business pitches, and/or to get a project done.  

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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota: In a project spanning 6 months, I conducted extensive market research to gather insights about a new health insurance product. This included conducting in-depth physician stakeholder interviews, as well as facilitating focus groups with consumers and employers. Deliverables included in-depth analysis, as well as presentation of findings and strategic recommendations.  

Global pharmaceutical leader: Planning and strategy. Working with a local marketing agency who has this company as a client, I helped to develop a recommendation for a new global portfolio strategy. Also conducted Voice of Customer research with clinical staff on behalf of my agency-client, and developed a brand architecture and strategic next step recommendations based on the learnings.

Advanced Circulatory Systems Inc (ACSI). Developed a series of sales tools, including a product brochure and training materials to relaunch an FDA-approved medical device that has been proven to increase survival rates after cardiac arrest by 25%+. Since then, I have also conducted Voice of Customer research and brainstorming to name ACSI's therapy platform for future marketing efforts.

MNsure (Minnesota's health insurance exchange): Working with BBDO Proximity (Minneapolis), the agency selected by the State of Minnesota to launch MNsure, I conducted prim​ary consumer research in 6 markets throughout the state of Minnesota to test several distinct creative concepts.  

Corporate jet dealer. Developed new sales presentation tools that significantly increase the company's professionalism and polish when presenting to Fortune 500 companies, to close more deals.

US Bank Healthcare Payment Solutions: Newly designed collateral with overhauled content supported a relaunch of financial products and services targeted to both businesses and consumers. 

Toy company launch: Primary research provided critical input to product design, branding and sales channel strategy prior to national launch.

Medtronic CareLink Network: Fresh marketing approach helped establish Medtronic as a leader in the remote monitoring space.

Hazelden: Several key marketing initiatives updated the messaging and branding of this 60-year-old nonprofit organization to support its mission and regain leadership position.

Spinal Modulation, a medical device company: Branding work included communications and creative concept development to help ensure a successful market launch both in Europe and the US for this device that dramatically helps with pain management. 

Orthopaedic Clinic: Working with a local agency who had this highly regarded medical practice as a client, I conducted internal research to build the foundation of a future marketing campaign. Based on the findings of the research, my final marketing strategy report defined key differentiators that set this clinic apart from its key competitors, and built a brand architecture for future planning efforts.

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