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Client: Spinal Modulation

This medical device company offers innovative and groundbreaking therapy for pain management. They needed a fresh tagline and creative concept for marketing in both the US and Europe.

SERVICES: I was hired to do brand development, concept development, tagline development, and copywriting for a new medical device global launch.  

The Challenge

The client company has an innovative new product for the management of chronic pain. Prior to launching both in Europe and the US, they needed branding work to help position it clearly from the competition, make a memorable mark on the physician audience, and set the stage for a successful market entry.

We developed their new tagline "Focus your therapy. Broaden your possibilities" to clearly differentiate this pain therapy from traditional therapies that are less targeted and less able to relieve pain in extremities.

The resulting tagline and artwork are shown below.

The Solution

Based on research that had been conducted, I worked on a 3-person team to develop key branding components.

  1. Value proposition: I drafted several options of value propositions that stated the key purpose and benefits of this new product for the key target audience.
  2. Positioning statement: Helped to write a clear, succinct and compelling positioning statement that communicates what this product does, for whom, and what sets it apart from the competitive set.
  3. Core essence: Helped to develop core essence statements that accurately captured the value of this product, in very few words. This would becoming a unifying "rallying cry" within the client company.
  4. Creative themes: Based on the results of the research that had been conducted earlier, came up with three distinct creative approaches to explore in creative concepting.
  5. Taglines: Helped to conduct a brainstorming session to come up a variety of taglines that could be considered for each of the creative themes identified. Their new tagline "Focus your therapy. Broaden your possibilities" came out of this research.
  6. Visual concepts for market testing: Finally, working with a designer, crafted creative concepts that resembled ads, that would then be used in market testing. Each concept consisted of relevant and powerful imagery, a headline, tagline and body copy. These concepts will be tested among physician audiences both in the US and in Europe to determine which best communicates and resonates.
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