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“Lisa was a pleasure to work with at Medtronic. She brought her creative talent to our business and produced quality materials and plans.”

— Marta Jackson, Medtronic

"Lisa is wonderful to work with. She is a great communicator able to articulate the vision of any marketing campaign or new business endeavor without stifling creative solutions. Lisa handles things with accuracy, grace and professionalism. She is very approachable, open-minded and makes even the most daunting deadline or campaign seem like a piece of cake. Lisa would be an asset to any team.”

— Heather Maas, Rivertown Trading Company


I ask the right questions, and tailor a strategy that ensures your company thrives in today's evolving digital landscape.  

When you hire Cultivation, you get a seasoned marketing professional with a wide range of skills — both traditional and digital — that ensures your project moves quickly and smoothly toward a successful outcome. I enjoy collaborating with others and am skilled at working within various types of business "ecosystems." (Click here to read what colleagues and clients have said about working with me.)

I charge by the hour, and you pay only for what you get. If it's a defined project or an RFP, I develop a detailed, itemized proposal, based on estimated hours. My estimates have proven to be extremely accurate; I typically come in plus or minus 2-3% of the bid. I work very quickly, so am a bargain compared to adding headcount. I have a great reputation for getting stuff done---fast.   

Depending on what is needed, I can provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Planning, stakeholder interview and customer insight to understand current (and future) obstacles and opportunities, and craft smart strategy---using a smart combination of traditional and digital approaches. See example. I have facilitated strategy sessions with leadership to help develop go-forward plans and clarity on vision.
  • Overall marketing strategy to address business challenges and take full advantage of opportunities — both in the traditional and digital realms. 
  • Pulling in the right talent team for your project: Depending on the specific needs, I can pull in experts in web and brochure design; SEO/SEM; information architecture; development, etc. You get a dedicated and talented contract team focused on completing your project — without adding headcount.
  • Project management, a service which is often taken for granted, but which can make or break a project. I ensure things run smoothly, and stay on-time and on-budget.
  • Copywriting and editing. Weak, uninspired or sloppy writing can detract from your marketing messaging and hurt your brand. For decades, I have been known for providing excellent writing for everything from websites, business plans, taglines, and business analyses to promotional copywriting, business presentations, business cases, new business pitches, case studies and testimonials. I have even written speeches that have been delivered at conferences and conventions. I am known as "the PowerPoint Queen" because I design beautiful, interactive, well-written presentations in PowerPoint (or other platforms).  
  • Ideation and brainstorming. I can lead a group (either your team or others we recruit) in a brainstorming session to come up with strategic direction, features, new product ideas, taglines, product names, etc.
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