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Client: Advanced Circulatory Systems

This innovative medical device company has a patented therapy that has been shown in studies to improve neurologically intact survival rates after cardiac arrest by 25% or more. One of its key products, ResQGARD, needed new and fresh marketing materials to boost global sales.

The Challenge

ResQGARD is a non-invasive device that can be used to help patients who are breathing on their own but experiencing hypotension (very low blood pressure). It's amazing technology with strong clinical studies showing clear benefits, but for years this product hadn't received the marketing support it needed. With a strong potential patient population and a proven efficacy, it was time to raise the awareness of this product to boost sales of this device and its sister products.

The Solution I provided

There was already some existing material for this product, though much of it was in need of a refresh or edit. By speaking with clinical staff and customers, I honed the product story, and gathered compelling quotes to use in the brochure (featured at left), as well as the internal sales guide and training materials. Then, working with a designer, we came up with a new look and layout for the new suite of promotional materials for ResQGARD.

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