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Client: US Bank Healthcare Payment Solutions

SERVICES: I was hired to overhaul this division's promotional collateral, a process that included product naming, concept development, copywriting, and project management. Today, this material is featured prominently on their website.

The Challenge

In 2010, US Bank, one of the largest and most respected banks in the US, was re-launching a suite of financial products for both consumer and business customers— tailored for the healthcare space. For some products, marketing collateral existed that was outdated and no longer complied with US Bank's branding guidelines. In other cases, new products were being introduced and needed collateral developed. In many cases, the content was in need of rewriting to make it clearer and easier to understand, and more benefits focused.

The Solution I provided:

  1. New product names. I participated in brainstorming to come up with new product names that would be descriptive and catchy. Examples of new product names were 'Payment Navigator' and 'Payment Consolidator.'
  2. Completely new design. Working with an outside designer, a fresh template was developed to be used for the collection of sales materials. US Bank branding guidelines were integrated into the new design. This look and feel can be seen on the website, credit cards, and all promotional materials.
  3. Overhauled content. First I started by doing an audit of current materials. Next, working with subject matter experts at US Bank, I identified key features and benefits, and revised the content accordingly. The new content was put into the new designed templates. Emphasis was placed on "what's in it for the customer?" and on making clear US Bank's points of differentiation.
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