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MNsure (Minnesota's new health insurance exchange)

Working with the renowned advertising agency, BBDO Proximity in Minneapolis, I conducted extensive research throughout the State to gather reaction to and feedback about creative concepts that would be used to launch MNsure during Fall 2013.

The Challenge

The State of Minnesota, the client of my client (BBDO), had the big task of quickly creating broad awareness about MNsure, Minnesota's new health insurance exchange, part of the new Affordable Care Act. The exchange opens in October.

The Solution I Provided

BBDO Proximity (Minneapolis) had developed a series of concepts designed to create awareness about MNsure, educate people about the benefits, and get them to take action (check out the website, buy insurance). In order for the campaign to be successful throughout Minnesota, it was important that the final creative resonated with people from all corners of the state. 

What we learned during the focus group research conducted in 6 cities across the state impacted the selection of the final concept, as well as creative direction and verbiage. The campaign launched August 2013; the creative has been breaking through the clutter and creating positive buzz.  

"Lisa is a professional who really knows her stuff. Her industry experience makes her a knowledgable strategic leader; as a subject matter expert she helped us win a new client. Her agency experience is equally valuable; while leading our communicaitons research Lisa proved to be not just thorough but also flexible and creative, allowing us to reveal a big idea that clients loved."

---Leslie Sipprell

SVP, Group Account Director

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