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Who am I? My name is Lisa Neary and I am the founder of Cultivation. I'm a high-energy marketing leader with years of success in brand building and marketing strategy/execution specializing in the healthcare and medical fields.  

I have deep roots in healthcare, medical device and health insurance. My "sweet spots" are customer insights, branding, communications, business writing, and marketing strategy (traditional and digital). 

After a career spent working for a range of companies—agency and client, large and small, profit and non-profit, in many different industries—I launched Cultivation. When you hire me, you get a seasoned and expertly trained marketing professional who knows the right questions to ask, how best to ask them, and then how to leverage what it learned into differentiated brand strategy to GROW your business — at a lower cost than adding headcount. 

My client roster has included: Medtronic (several divisions), Blue Cross and Blue Shield of MN, 3M (a few divisions), Aveda, MNsure, ZOLL Medical/Advanced Circulatory Systems, Spinal Modulation Inc., Baxter Healthcare, US Bank Healthcare Payment Solutions, and Dental Services Group. Outside of healthcare, I've worked with a range of clients, including an aviation company, a toy start-up, and a craft brewery. Before starting Cultivation, I worked for a number of top-notch companies, including Fallon Worldwide, Target, Medtronic and Hazelden.  

I'm known for developing imaginative and highly effective marketing programs, and brand differentiation for growth. I am a creative and strategic thinker, and a superb writer with a strong aesthetic eye. I hold a BA in Economics from Smith College and an MBA in New Venture Management from the University of St. Thomas.  

Click here to read my complete profile on LinkedIn, including what colleagues and clients have said about working with me.


"Lisa is a professional who really knows her stuff. Her industry experience makes her a knowledgable strategic leader; as a subject matter expert she helped us win a new client, MNsure. Her agency experience is equally valuable; while leading our communicaitons research Lisa proved to be not just thorough but also flexible and creative, allowing us to reveal a big idea that clients loved."

---Leslie Sipprell

SVP, Group Account Director

(MNsure marketing launch)

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