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Medtronic CareLink Network

“Lisa is an extremely creative, talented, and high-energy individual. Strong in both marketing and marketing communications, Lisa has a keen ability to think strategically while also bringing flair to projects through her creative approach.” — Susan Rodsjo, April 2009



The Challenge

Medtronic CareLink Network was a start-up launched in 2002 that provides Web-based remote monitoring technology to hospitals and clinics to efficiently follow their patients. In addition to educating clinicians about this new technology and the benefits associated with it, we needed to clearly differentiate it from the competition. There were legal and regulatory challenges in addition to pricing push-back.

At left was the original collateral---which emphasized the "mechanics" of the service, rather than the value proposition and benefits of the service. 

At left is the rebrand that focused on how remote monitoring could "give patients the freedom to LIVE LIFE." This theme resonated extremely well with clinicians and decision-makers, as well as with patients.

The Solution

  1. Developed traditional and online marketing collateral for prospective customers, consumers as well as internal sales force.
  2. Drove Web marketing efforts on both Medtronic’s internal sales Web portal, as well as Medtronic’s corporate Website.
  3. Developed interactive, quantitative financial tools used by the sales team with prospective clinical customers to demonstrate the ROI of the CareLink technology and help overcome objections
  4. Managed a high-profile direct-to-consumer advertising pilot. Result: The pilot market became the top market in the U.S. in terms of patient enrollment  
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